What we have done

Our current team has over 100 years of experience encompassing most aspects of technology.

Our core competency includes web/desktop/mobile applications, distributed systems, real-time embedded systems (including IoT solutions), data/statistical analysis, machine learning, along with SaaS cloud deployment strategies/implementation. We also have project leadership with team staffing and various management skills.

Most of our experience comes from clients in three categories:

  • New startup companies needing help taking their concept to reality (usually with a Minimum Viable Product and patent assistance needed to secure funding)
  • More mature companies with a failing project needing a turnaround
  • Even more mature companies needing very targeted consultation or project contract development

Over the years, we have had quite a few clients that fall into these categories, providing very broad exposure to virtually all facets of technology.

That depth and breadth of experience is what makes us unique among the plethora of consulting and contract development companies. In over 40 years of business, no two projects have been remotely alike. As a result, we have a lot to draw from when approaching a new opportunity. Some of that background is discussed in various articles summarized here: MentorTek Projects

We can provide an enormous list of tech that we have used in these projects, as we discuss in this article: MentorTek Experience.

The roles we served with our clients for these solutions and development niches have included architecture, implementation, and staffing along with management. We have also served in interim CTO and Vice President roles for clients.

How we can help you

Discover, Design, Implement, Integrate, Manage

Every project is different. The first step is for our team to understand your opportunities and what success looks like to you.

As you can tell by looking at the diversity of what have done (projects and tech), we may be the perfect place to start your search for a path to that success.

If you fit our normal client profile, you are an investor, CEO or CTO of a company embarking on a new journey or trying to overcome a major issue with your current journey.

Challenge us to do something new.

We don't evangelize any specific tech - we simply advertise a broad exposure to almost all tech and the desire to leverage that exposure for you.

We can help you leverage existing platforms or develop a completely new one – wherever you see your competitive advantage.

So, starting with us to sift through all of the options available to you may be a really good first step.

Please contact us for more information and/or brainstorm with us to develop new ideas.

You can learn more about us exploring some of our articles

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